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What is the return policy? How do I return products for repair/exchange/refund?
Can I buy different color or replacement housings?
What kind of key switches are used in Deck keyboards? How long do they last?
Will the letters on the keycaps wear off eventually?
Can I see what the artwork that gets printed on the keycaps looks like before I buy one?
Why doesn't the Caps Lock LED come on when I press the Caps Lock?
How long do the "back lights" or LEDs last?
What is the default brightness level and can it be changed?
Can you make the backlighting brighter and dimmer? Can you turn it off? How?
Will I receive a tracking number via email after purchasing a Deck online through Amazon
If I feel uncomfortable having credit card operations processed on the internet, is there another way to order a Deck keyboard?
What countries do you sell Deck keyboards to?
Will Deck keyboards work with USB to PS/2 adapters? How about KVM switches?
Which models have tilt feet on the bottom and which ones do not?
Will Deck ever release products with (different color LEDs/new features/insert your idea here)?
What is the "FN" key?
Who do I contact for technical support? Is it free?
What is your privacy policy? Do you sell my information to 3rd parties?
What is the "WINDOWS" key? (Windows is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation)
What is the "PAUSE/PRTSC" key?
Why is the "WINDOWS" key in the upper right hand corner instead of the traditional location on the 82-key Deck? (Windows is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation)
What size are the screws?
Will the keyboard work with my computer and operating system?
Are there drivers I need to install so my Deck will work?
Which version of the USB specification do Deck keyboards meet?
Will there be a PS/2 interface for the 82-key Deck?
Will there be a wireless version? Will there be a smartphone, pocket PC, or other version for battery-powered devices?
I am using a Mac with (specific OS version). Will these keyboards work for me? Will I lose any functionality?
I am a gamer and need to press alot of keys at once...what is the maximum amount of keys can I press at one time?
I want to buy a Deck but I want (some custom feature). Will you do custom orders?
What kind of plastic are Deck products made from?