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Thinking about buying, a few questions..
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Author:  Mover [ Fri Sep 14, 2007 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Thinking about buying, a few questions..

Well, my Logitech Internet Navigator Elite Keyboard is losing its paint on the keys (again) and I was never that comfortable with its keys to begin with. (as a 20 year keyboard-veteran They just don't feel right for me, not easy to describe) I've never used the special keys at all too.

I was looking around for another keyboard with much usability and a little style, (and maybe with keys that go KLICK! like in the days of far away) and saw some keyboards, this crazy logitech g15 (Logitech? I don't even know them anymore) the Saitek Eclipse II (which was kinda chique but seems to lack in the quality department too) and the Das Keyboard II, which seems to get the mechanics right but is simply a little to gimmicky for my taste. Then the Steel somethingsomething. Wich looks rather plain and I hear isn't as robust as its advertised. (and a bit to expensive to experiment)

Then I saw The Legend (Ice) and well... I fell in love again. :D I looked over the international shipping (since I live in germany) and saw that active sells them for 219 € without shipping (which is almost 304$!) which is well.... too much to even consider. Thinkgeek doesn't seem to have them in stock anymore and I don't know how reliable is. Now to my questions:

1. Does somebody have experience with shipping from overseas? (and maybe german customs and the money-leeching, unfriendly slowpokes they are?)

2. Is there any other reseller?

3. Is there any way to order direct from deck keyboards? (I have a creditcard&would be willing to pay a few dollars more)

4. I know the keyboard is in the QWERTY layout, but that isn't a problem for me. Anyway, do you plan to sell custom keys for international customers in the future?

5. How does it sound? (Maybe this sounds crazy but I miss the days where you could HEAR your keyboard)

6. How does it feel?

7. I'm all crazy over these gel-packs for keyboards which protect your wrists, do they fit on the legend?

8. Is there any mouse on the market which goes good in style and quality with the Legend Ice? (No logitech, please) ...and maybe uniformly shaped? (I'm left-handed)

Thanks for reading&answering in advance and I hope this is understandable, English isn't my native language. Just read this post out in a funny Schwarzeneggeresque accent and you know how I sound. :D

Author:  DeckGuy Adam [ Sun Sep 16, 2007 7:52 pm ]
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I should be able to answer a couple of these questions:

2. There are no other resellers, and are the only resellers.

3. If you are within the US you can order direct from Deck, otherwise you will have to use our resellers, no exceptions.

4. We do not have any plans for international layouts but you never know, keep your eyes on our site and you may see it some day.

5. The sound is something between one of those 'quiet' keyboards and an old IBM clicky-style keyboard. Not super loud, not quiet. Does give a sort of 'click' with each keystroke. Some people like it and some don't.

6. The key press is a bit stiffer according to most people but in my opinion it gets easier over time. Whether or not the keys get worn in or if you just get used to it is probably a matter of opinion.

7. I would say it depends on the gel pad, not sure exactly what you mean by this but they are relatively cheap so I would say test a few out until you get it right.

BTW your english is very good, I didn't read an Ahnold-esque accent in your whole post :)

Author:  Mover [ Sun Sep 16, 2007 10:52 pm ]
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Well, ordered it from, with transport etc. its still somewhat cheaper than

The Gelpad thing... my question was.. how do I word it.. Is the keyboard standard-sized? These Things only fit right right on a standard-sized Keyboard.

Author:  DeckGuy Adam [ Mon Sep 17, 2007 7:14 am ]
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OK now I understand. In that case the gel pads should work on the Legend as they are standard size.

Author:  Mover [ Mon Sep 17, 2007 9:21 am ]
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Well, thanks for answering then, I'm eager awaiting my Legend. (The del-key on this keyboard broke last night... out of spite? I don't know. :D)

Author:  Mover [ Fri Sep 28, 2007 10:09 am ]
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Keyboard fetched from customs today, In fact, im typing with it right now.
It's very, very good manufactured, and the keys just sound&feel "right". Its great. :D

Advice to other potential german (european?) Customers: If you can type without looking at the keyboard, you can use this keyboard with a german layout without hassle at all. You can change around a few keys if you're so inclined. Don't bother with buying in the USA, the customs office brew up a storm over this thing (because performance PCs sent it as gift to cut the costs, which didn't help at all, and it was a keyboard which aren't so expensive normally) I've paid around 32 € (ca. 40 dollars? )
in customs, all in all I've managed to save around 20 € and have waited for about 2 weeks. Don't worth the hassle, buy it at aktive-key.

All in all, I'm another satisfied customer.

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