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I JUST now got my ne
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Author:  jaston [ Fri Oct 26, 2007 6:36 am ]
Post subject:  I JUST now got my ne

I JUST now got my new Deck Legend "Ice". Love it so far, nice illumination and I think I will get used to the keys quickly. I might have to get a wrist rest, though, as it seems I have to bend my wrists quite a bit to type.

Now to my question.

UPS left the box in front of my door and I was surprised how small the box was.

It was literally just the keyboard with cardboard around it. No padding. A loose sheet of small bubblewrap was laid across the top (had shifted) and that was it...

Is that normal?

I know the way UPS treats packages and I was surprised not so see any padding in that box whatsoever, just the keyboard against the rather thin cardboard...

Seems like my keyboard made it just fine so it must be ok...but are they all shipped like that?

Thanks _________________Lu

Author:  DeckGuy Adam [ Fri Oct 26, 2007 10:46 am ]
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Yes all of our products are shipped in their individual product carton. Our cardboard containers are rugged enough (from our experiences) to provide adequate protection from damage in transit (unless your UPS guy likes to jump on the box or play frisbee with it). There should have been some bubble wrap padding in between the keyboard and the box - I apologize if it was not there as this is not a normal occurence.

Personally I have stood on top of a few Deck 82 and Legend boards for demonstration and they still work fine after taking that kind of abuse. I would think UPS could do their worst and it would be fine. I would suggest that if any of your future packages shipped from us or any other company are delivered by [insert company here] and appear damaged, you should take pictures before opening it just in case you need to initiate a claim.

Author:  deckAdmin [ Wed Oct 31, 2007 9:56 am ]
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Actually, we had a UPS representative here when we designed the box so, it is obviously UPS approved. We have had, I think, only 1 problem with shipping over the years.

Trust us, why would we continue to ship the keyboard in this type of box if we had to continuously replace keyboards, parts, or repair them?

Deck Girl Amy

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