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[Questions] - Legend mods, purchasing, etc.
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Author:  Baravis [ Sun Sep 12, 2010 2:31 am ]
Post subject:  [Questions] - Legend mods, purchasing, etc.

Hi there,

I'm wondering if I could ask a few questions about the Legend deck?

- What's the angle that the keyboard rests at? I read somewhere in these forums that it's at 7 degrees, is that accurate?
- Are there parts that I can use to increase that angle to 8-8.5 degrees?
- Are there pictures anywhere of the keyboard from different angles? I'd like to see what it looks like from the sides, front, rear, etc.
- I reside in Canada and can't seem to find the Deck products under the Simple Technology Inc. Do I need to place a custom order with said reseller? ( I just noticed Performance, I may use them)
- I've been looking into other mechanical keyboards; one of the boards is the Steel Series 7G which boasts 18K gold plated mechanical switches. From what I can tell the 7G uses Cherry MX Blacks, so is the "18K gold plated" purely a marketing gimic? Am I correct in assuming that the Legend boards also have this 18K gold plating?
- Is the Frost LED color white, or more of a Luke-Skywalker-lightsabre blue? :wink:

These look like great KBs compared to most other mechanical options out there. Thanks a lot for your time!

~ Baravis

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