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Author:  Gewoodfo [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Request for help


I believe I have read just about every page and post on this forum. I am impressed with what I have read. I am in the market for a quality backli keyboard. A deck keyboard may be the answer. However, I have some concerns. Before I get to the concerns, you need to understand my environment and needs.

I am legally blind but still have some vision to use a computer. My vision issue is that I have RP which causes you to loose your vision from the outside in or your perperual vision. Along with this comes poor vision in low light and dark. I am virtually blind in low light situations.

I have an iMac running the latest OS VERSION AND WILL UPGRADE TO THE NEST RELEASE LATER THIS YEAR. I also have parallels version 7 and use it to run a winnsdows 7 environment in a virtual machine. I am doing this because several of my critical applications only run in windows.

As a user, I user the computer to run my FOREX TRADING BUSINESS, MANAGE MY COIN BUSINESS AND D
USE CAD to design homes. I do not do much gaming at this time, but that will increase because some of my family and friends are getting into it and they want me to get online with them.

So with that background , here are my issues and concerns:

1. Have the Mac functions that were not supported by deck been resolved and incorporated into the latest versions of the keyboards?

2. If not, are there users who can help me make the necessary modifications to get full Mac OS functionality with the deck keyboards?

3 . If I am using it as a Mac keyboard, when I go into my VM RUNNING WINDOWS, WILL I LOSE ANY windows OS Cabilities?

4. Is there a way to ensure that I get ful functionality in both environments?

5. What version would you given my situation and concerns?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Author:  DeckGuy Adam [ Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Request for help

I will try to answer to the best of my ability. To be clear - the Mac version of any Deck product differs only in that it has different keycaps, not different functionality.

1. As all Deck products are "PC" keyboards at heart, no additional Mac functionality has been added in the keyboard itself. It is possible that in the latest revision of the Mac OS some of these functions may work but we do not know.

2. If the functions are not supported, you may not be able to get that functionality even with extensive modifications (unless you reverse engineer the firmware which isn't likely).

3. Deck products function as Windows/PC keyboards. I have no idea about using it under Parallels as we do not provide software support, but if you use it on a normal PC it should function fine. I would consult your software vendor or a support forum for that software for help.

4. Once again I would consult your software vendor or a support forum for that software.

5. Many users with concerns about vision issues have responded well when using the Toxic model as it is by far the brightest. Ice has also reportedly been very good for this. Frost and Fire will probably be too dim for you.

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