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Keycap Light Leakage Disclaimer

Current Deck production processes may create a condition we refer to as 'light leakage' in which light from the LEDs may seep through 'cracks' or 'gaps' in the keycaps (mostly the larger keys) and produce light from the top of the keycap in an area other than the printed lettering. Please see the below image as an example:

Light Leakage


This is considered a normal condition on a finished Deck product and will not fall under the Deck one year warranty. Any repair that is requested will be considered a 'mod' or modification and will not be performed by the Deck staff. If you are unsatisfied with your Deck product you may return it for a full refund (less S/H) within 30 days.

NOTE: It is possible to modify the keycaps with this condition to eliminate the light showing through the 'crack' or 'gap' by removing the keycap from the board and applying black nail polish or paint to the affected areas, however as this is considered a 'mod' the Deck keyboards staff will not be available to perform these tasks for you.