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Hassium Pro - 108 key

Key Features:

  • Cherry MX mechanical key switches
  • PBT 2 shot-keycaps (US Only)
  • 1000Hz ultra-polling/1ms response keys
  • All keys can be programmed offline no need to be programmed for the computer host
  • Can be toggled between the standard layer and user programmed layer by one hotkey
  • Can be toggled between the standard USB 6-key rollover and USB true N-key rollover by a hotkey
  • With elegant double shot keycap for key with embedded LED lens
  • Slim edge designs but has a strong metal frame
  • Use 2 layer FR4 PCB to increase the key soldering reliability
  • With multimedia keys multiplexed with the function keys
  • Support deactivation of the Windows keys.


Lighting Features:

  • Individual Key light-up and dim-off
  • Laser beam effect
  • Ripple explosion
  • Breathing effect
  • Program LED lighting effects based on our command sets
  • Use our downloader software
  • See self-programmed lighting effects by pressing the corresponding hot key

User can retrieve programmed key map from the keyboard to the host and save as a file/share files with friends.


Personalize Your Keyboard:

  • White or Blue LED's
  • Blue, Red or Brown switch types


Keyboard Hassium Part Numbers:

  • KBA-CBL108P-BLU-DPU-E1; Hassium Pro, Blue LED's and Blue Switches
  • KBA-CBL108P-BLU-DPU-G1; Hassium Pro, Blue LED's and Brown Switches
  • KBA-CBL108P-BLU-DPU-L1; Hassium Pro, Blue LED's and Red Switches
  • KBA-CBL108P-WHT-DPU-E1; Hassium Pro, White LED's and Blue Switches
  • KBA-CBL108P-WHT-DPU-G1; Hassium Pro, White LED's and Brown Switches
  • KBA-CBL108P-WHT-DPU-L1; Hassium Pro, White LED's and Red Switches
Product Documents: