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The MX Difference

Mechanical keyboards are defined by their parts, which is why Deck uses the reliable, high-performance Cherry MX switches that the gaming community deserves. Featuring the brown, blue, and red switches, our keyboards allow you to decide what you need to enhance your game.

Cherry Mx Red

Cherry MX Red Switch

Switch Type: Soft Linear

The Cherry MX Red utilizes a low-force spring, which provides a soft linear response, without the distinct “click” sound.

Cherry Mx Blue

Cherry MX Blue Switch

Switch Type: Tactile

The Cherry MX Blue switch uses a higher force spring and provides a tactile bump and audible “clicking” sound at the actuation point.

Cherry Mx Brown

Cherry MX Brown Switch

Switch Type: Soft Tactile

The Cherry MX Brown switches provide tactile feedback similar to the Cherry Blue, without the distinct “click” sound.


LED Programming Utility LED Sample Scripts

    Firmware Upgrade Utility*

    Hassium Pro firmware*

    Francium Pro firmware*

* Please note, this software is intended for "Pro" models only.

Comparison Guide

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